22 Mart 2010

If netca wouldn't like the OID schema

Last week, I was trying to setup EUS on DB, with a fresh installed OID 11g.

Following the instructions in the EUS Admin Guide document, I run NETCA and came up with the following error:

The directory has not been configured for this usage. It does not contain the required Oracle Schema, or the Oracle Schema version is not correct.

Select how you wan to proceed:
- I want to continue without using a directory service
- I want to verify directory service information and try again.


I have searched for this in Oracle docs and apparently in OID 9, this wizard lets you to create the required schema, hence the documentation: http://download.oracle.com/docs/html/B10263_01/install.htm#1160409

For OID 11g however, this problem was related to out of the box configuration of OID in where "anonymous bind" is turned off by default

and guess what, Netca (and also netmgr) requires "anonymous bind" to be enabled.

The attribute is orclanonymousbindsflag, and default value is 2, changing it to 1 resolves this problem..


I misleadedly looked for this solution everywhere on the OID documentation, the solution was in one of the db documentations which is:

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Martin dedi ki...

Hi Gurol,

What a wonderful pool of information the Internet is. I had the same problem as you and solved it by finding it in the docs just like you!

However now, I'm hunting for how to allow Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD)to accept anonymous binds. I need to re-register my test DB with OVD.