08 Aralık 2011

Update with Join

(select table1.col1, table2.col2 from table1inner join table2on table1.key = table2.key where something something)
set col1= col2

04 Mayıs 2011

Redirect JVM Output from .out to .log files in Weblogic

Just add


server start parameters ..
This will put JVM outputs (other than internal stuff like thread dump etc.) to .out file with level "NOTIFICATION"

27 Şubat 2011

Getting rid of the system beep on VMware

tip to myself:

add the setting mks.noBeep = "TRUE" to the .vmx file to disable the PC speaker in a VM

13 Şubat 2011

SLCIAF: ps command for Solaris

today on _simple linux commands i always forget_ series :

ps command that we are used to is unfortunately not available in Solaris... But there is one alternative:
/usr/ucb/ps -awwx 

This "normal" ps is generally in this path, if some management packages are installed.