14 Mayıs 2009

Oracle Fusion Middleware Acronyms

Following is a list of acronyms we use specifically for fusion products:

ADF Oracle Application Development Framework
B2B Oracle B2B
BAM Oracle Business Activity Monitoring
BI Oracle Business Intelligence
BPA Oracle Business Process Analysis
BPEL Oracle BPEL Process Manager
BPM Oracle Business Process Management
CEP Oracle Complex Event Processing
DIP Oracle Directory Integration Platform
EM Oracle Enterprise Manager
EPM Oracle Enterprise Performance Management
ESSO Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On
HPM Oracle Hyperion Performance Management
IPM Oracle Imaging and Process Management
IRM Oracle Information Rights Management
JDev Oracle JDeveloper
JRF Oracle Java Resource Files
OAAM Oracle Adaptive Access Manager
OAM Oracle Access Manager
OBI EE Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
OC4J Oracle Containers for J2EE
ODI Oracle Data Integrator
ODSI Oracle Data Service Integrator
ODSM Oracle Directory Services Manager
OER Oracle Enterprise Repository
OES Oracle Entitlement Server
OIA Oracle Identity Analytics
OID Oracle Internet Directory
OIF Oracle Identity Federation
OIM Oracle Identity Management Services
ORM Oracle Role Manager
OSB Oracle Service Bus
OSR Oracle Service Registry
OVD Oracle Virtual Directory
OWCI Oracle WebCenter Interaction
OWSM Oracle Web Services Manager
PS Oracle Patch Set
SB FS Oracle Service Bus for Financial Services
SSO Oracle Single Sign-On
UCM Oracle Universal Content Management
WLI Oracle WebLogic Integration
WLOC Oracle WebLogic Operations Control
WLP Oracle WebLogic Portal
WLS Oracle WebLogic Server

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